Current Date:

Monday, 09 April 2018

Technical Cooperation in Water Resources between Sudan and S. Sudan Signed

Khartoum - Dr. Mutaz Musa Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Signed with Sofia Gai Minister of Water Resources in South Sudan yesterday on Paper to Cooperation and Supported Technical between two countries and development protection and use of Water Resources of particular for people of two countries and that was in the Ministry in Khartoum and Dr. Musa said in Press Release after signing which the Agreement work exchange of Information and experience and Conducting Joint Research and building of Abilities and the agreement make to contain joint Technical committee from five Members from each side to following and Implement the agreement.
Minister Sofia Gai said the agreement it is very necessary for two countries and it contribute to provide the development between two countries and in other Side the Technical Cooperation in the agreement its collect Management of Water Resources, drinking water, sewage, hydropower development, river Navigation and building abilities and providing financing to Implement Projects of Water Resources.