Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Al Bashir Inaugurates International Fair of Khartoum amid International Trade Companies Participation

Khartoum – (Mona Mustafa) Minister of Trade, Hatim Al-Sir has announced that President of the Republic, Omer Al Bashir will inaugurate the 35th edition of International Fair of Khartoum (IFK) next Monday.
He said in press conference yesterday at SUNA that the 35th edition of the IFK comes this time within the government of the national dialogue and the lifting of US sanctions imposed on Sudan.
He lauded the continuous role of the Sudanese diplomacy in convincing several commercial companies to resume its participation in the IFK activities.
Al-Sir affirmed that the 35th session will witness new partnerships with foreign investors.
For his part, the Director General of the Sudanese Free zones and Markets Company (SFZ), Lt. Gen. Yusuf Mohammed Karar affirmed that they exerted all possible efforts to improve the main infrastructure of the IFK through attractive methods revealing the construction of additional pavilions.
He added that the SFZ is now tending towards the tourism investment for the first time through agreements with international tourism investment companies.
Trade Exhibitions Director, Abdul Wahab Mohammed Ali announced the participation of 21 countries including Germany, Korea, Syria, Denmark, and Philippines, adding that it is the first time for Korea to participate in the IFK, pointing out that the IFK will be participated by states and tourism investment to reflect the cultural diversity and show (Made In Sudan) products.