Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sudan Closes Qarura Crossing between the Red Sea and Eritrea

Khartoum - The Sudanese army has closed the Qarura crossing between the Red Sea State and Eritrea, sources said, adding that the measure comes to counter the situation in Eritrea, which Sudanese officials have described as a security threat to Sudan.
The Sudanese decision came two weeks after the closure of the border with Eritrea through the neighboring state of Kassala, in light of news of a military meeting between officials from Egypt, Eritrea and the UAE in the camp of Sawa, west of Eritrea.
With the closure of the Qaraura crossing, all Sudanese-Eritrean borders have been closed through the states of Kassala and the Red Sea.
The governor of Kassala State had issued a decision in the first week of January to close all border crossings with Eritrea on the basis of a presidential decree declaring a state of emergency in the state.
These decisions came against the backdrop of the presence of Egyptian armed troops and armed factions from Darfur region on the Eritrean border, according to the Sudanese press and Sudanese officials.