Current Date:

Monday, 29 January 2018

Political Parties Demand Peaceful Demonstrations

Khartoum-The president of the Al Salam Justice Forum and the chairman of Parliament Information Committee Al Tayeb Mustafa

has criticized the 2018 budget ratification procedures.
“No transparency in budget presentation in the Parliament” said Mustafa who was interviewed by Al Sudani Newspaper on Thursday.
The Ministry of Finance didn’t answer the questions raised by the Parliamentarians “we surprised by the new decisions” added Mustafa, who stated that during the debate of the budget they informed that SDGs 3 billion allocated to fund sorghum.
He appealed the Parliament to play its monitoring role, to evaluate the performance of the government, he also advised the government to trust well qualified cadres to run the economic affairs.
While the political parties participating in the National Accord Government like the Reformation Movement and Al Salam Justice Forum demand for freedom of express and livelihood improvement.