Current Date:

Monday, 29 January 2018

Hats Off to the NISS

President Al Bashir has directed in his meeting with the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) leaders to act firmly on the violations in foreign exchange dealing and

the revenues of Sudanese exports besides the violations in the banks and both public and private companies.
Al Bashir was briefed by the Director of the NISS, Lt. Gen. Mohammed Atta Al-Mawla Abbas and his aides on the performance of the apparatus including the international, regional and international political, military and social issues.
Al Bashir valued high the efforts of the NISS and its tremendous role in confronting the challenges facing the nation.
The visit of President Al Bashir to the NISS and his meeting with its officials reflect the appreciation of the government to the role of the apparatus in protecting the nation.
The visit is a practical response to the opposition elites who are still unable to distinguish between opposition the regime and opposing the state.
In the recent few days the NISS managed - in a professional manner – to release the Sudanese who were detained and tutored in Libya in coordination with Libyan authorities.
This successful operation was preceded by a hideous video showing the gangs torturing the detainees.
The failed opposition attempted to use the widely spread video against the Sudanese government to prove its failure in protecting its citizens even if they are outside the territories of Sudan.
But the rapid respond of the NISS aborted the opposition attempt to fish in the troubled waters and managed to release the detainees.
It is high time for the social media opposition to reconsider its negative stances towards the Sudanese nation and to admit that what the NISS has done is a feat that deserves appreciation.
It is not the first time for the NISS to manage in releasing detainees from the human traffickers such as the ISIS kids, the French hostage which found the appreciation of the French government.
The efforts of the NISS is our pride and are definitely contributing in removing the tarnished image from Khartoum and proves its great efforts in combating the organized crimes, human trafficking, terrorism and extremism.
We urge the NISS leaderships to continue their noble mission.
Hats Off to the NISS