Current Date:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 24th January, 2018


* Commercial Chamber Establishes Selling Center for Reduced Price Commodities

* Kidnapped Sudanese in Libya Released.
* Petroleum Ministry Offer 2 Kilograms Gas Cylinders for Citizens.
* Interior Ministry Warns Electronic Hackers.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* NISS Releases Sudanese National Tortured in Libya.
* President Launches Zakat Chamber Projects.
* Rwanda Denies Signing Agreement with Israel to Receive African Refugees Including Sudanese.
* South Kordofan Delegation: Self-determination Is Out of the Framework Agreement Document.

* Industrial Ministry: Sudan Produced 250 Tons of Gold, Most of It Smuggled through Khartoum Airport.
* South Africa Tells Kiir to Engage Machar in the Government or Both Should Quit.
* NCP Leading Figure Admits Problems Hindering the Production.
* Government: Consultations with the Parties to Nominate the Head of Commissions.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Amendments in the Parliament Regulation Allows for Nomination of Head of Opposition Bloc.
* 102 Tons of Gold Smuggled to the UAE.
* Australia Deports 186 South Sudanese to Juba.
* FAO Arranges for Regional Forum in Khartoum.

* Documents: Israel Demands Umma Party Assistance to Stop Sudan from Joining the Arab League.
* Finance Ministry: SDG106 Billion Revenues of Soba Customs Station in January.
* Trends to Ban Foreigners from Practicing Trade in Sudan.
* President Al Bashir Receives Central Bank of Sudan Governor.
Al-Ray Al-Aam
* SDG755 for the Sack of Sugar from the Ministry of Industry.
* Egyptian Ambassador: We Do Not Have Troops Outside Our Territories.
* IGAD Donates US$150 Thousand for GERD.
* Al-Mahdi Appoints Ibrahim Al-Amin As Deputy.

* Al Bashir Slams Banks for Not Financing the Poor.
* Libya Apologizes for the Tutoring of Sudan in Its Territories.
* Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum Apologizes on Talk over Halayeb.
* Petroleum Ministry Affirms Flooding Petrol Stations with Diesel.

* Finance Ministry Issues Resolution Banning Construction of New Buildings and Purchasing of Vehicles.
* Government Summons Libyan Charge d’ Affaires
* Al Bashir Receives Written Messages from Abu Dhabi Crown Prince.
* President Acquainted on the Flow of Foreign Remittances to Sudan.