Current Date:

Monday, 29 January 2018

Presidential Councils will not Decrease the Executive Branch Mandate

Khartoum - The Assistance to the President Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud said that the recently formed presidential councils will not be by any means at the expenses or a reduction of the executive branch mandate but have been formed in the context of reforming the state structure within the mandated of the President of the Republic.
 Adding in a press conference that the president have the right to form the mechanisms that he see suitable to restructure the state systems according to his constitutional powers but he stressed that these councils don’t contradict in any way with the work of the executive branch apparatus but on the contrary support their efforts in particular in the areas of peace building, information and economy.
Hamid concluded that these presidential councils represent the spirit of the National Dialogue and its Outcomes and provide experts with a chance to participate in the decision making process and the state decision making process.