Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Productive Families Support in the National Economy

Product, productivity, producers and productive groups or families these economic terminologies used   worldwide

in both developed and developing countries. In the least developed countries most of the poor families tend to do small businesses to increase their low incomes and to face the economic pressure represented in the continuous rapid crazy increase of prices, and to help and assist in improving the living standard.
The increase of prices of commodities and the basic needs is one of the issues threatens to these poor families.  The imbalance of the incomes and the consumption, in the context of limited incomes may lead to negative and immoral practices which affect on the whole society not only this poor category.
Governments in these developing countries of poor economies should revise its economic plans, policies and strategies towards its people. To reduce the high rates of poverty in these countries, it is important to create new job opportunities for the youths that represent the most productive category. Statistics point to the high rates of unemployment among the youths.
It is time to enable the youths to make change in the society. Women all over the word in collaboration and support of the financial funds and banks began some small businesses represented in producing simple products of small projects from local materials .UN women has some partnerships and agreements with national bodies in these developing countries aim to provide assistance and support to the women , Sudan as one of these countries which benefited from such programs UN women –Sudan and Italian cooperation in the red sea and some areas in other states .
To be productive is one of the elements lead to sustainable development in these countries, and it will definitely reduce the poverty rates which spread among many sectors in these countries. Productive families are one of the mechanisms and programs adopted not only in Sudan, but in the whole world to increase incomes. Such programs require full support from the governments enabling these families to live stable, secured, and safe. What is actually is needed to organize these programs and to facilitate the the flow of financing and funds through the microfinance programs enabling these productive families to develop and increase its incomes which assist and support the national income.
Production is the real solution to stable the economy of these poor families and at the same time considered one of the mechanisms lead to sustainable development for the whole country.