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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Horn of Africa, its strategic importance

Horn of Africa that peninsula in the Northeast of Africa, just hundreds of kilometers into the Arabian Sea

and Indian Ocean small area covered by these countries of Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Eritrea, Sudan , Kenya. It is one of the most politically dynamic regions in the world .Several issues are affected the horn of Africa, terrorism, migration, human trafficking, borders disputes.
The geographical and strategic situation of the Horn of Africa granted it a strategic importance to Europe as well as to the Gulf States and beyond. Security of the horn of Africa is one of the issues facing all Africa which had suffered greatly from different internal and regional issues such as refugees who escaped to towards some neighboring countries or far to Europe and the west.
 Each of these countries of the horn of Africa has its importance to the whole area , the renewing internal and borders disputes have its negative impact on political and economic and even the social stability of the area . The whole world is working to create new economic alliances looking for their interests in the horn of Africa. The area is characterized by its ports and harbors for its unique situation at the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Gulf Ocean these strategic ways to Europe, Asia and Africa.
One of these issues of the horn of Africa is the internal instability, weakness of its governments to face the external hegemony and invasions. Sudan is working hard to strengthening its external bilateral relations, with friends and neighboring countries. The current visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Marian Desalegn to Sudan enhances these bilateral relations between Sudan and Ethiopia. Africans believe strongly in the importance of Sudan role in the region. The recent forum held in Khartoum last year tackling the security and political stability in the horn of Africa is enhancing the strategic importance of Sudan as part of the strategic importance of the whole region of the horn of Africa and Africa in general.
Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea have to be quite aware to be running as hidden agenda of some neighboring countries working to fragile these governments and its nations. Horn of Africa is a gatekeeper for all Africa with its natural, variable and valuable resources and wealth of minerals, animals, water resources, and before that the human resources.
Africa has resources and the developed world has technology, it is joint interests and not contradicts interests. Africans have to learn the lesson and work for stability and security and sustainable development .