Current Date:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

International Fair of Khartoum 35th Edition Convenes

Khartoum – International Fair of Khartoum (IFK) 35th edition kicked off yesterday 22nd January 2018, in Khartoum with a distinctive participation of more 600 local and international companies from all over the world. It is the first fair to be organized after the lifting of US economic sanctions. This gives it more important for many reasons including the progress and developing of Sudan external relations with the neighboring and friend countries in the Afro-Arab region, and the world community, besides the diplomatic efforts that enabling Sudan to cross from the bottleneck to the openness and wide horizons to the whole world.
Hatim al Sir, minister of Trade described the organizing of this 35th edition of IFK is one of the successes to Sudan after lifting US sanctions, he called on the countries and companies participated in this edition recognize the opportunities and characteristics of investment in Sudan . He added that one of the missions of the ministry of trade to increase product for exporting, and variation in export to compete in the international markets. Al Sir pointed to ministry of trade to open and enroll in the international markets to provide hard currency to Sudan as a strategic aim.
Minister of trade noted to that IFK is organize as a partnership between the public and private sectors where private sector presents 85% in addition to distinctive participation of the different states  reflect the variable and valuable rich heritage.
International Fair of Khartoum IFK is an economic gathering, serve economic, social and cultural aims. This huge meeting of giant companies from all over the world is considered an opportunity for Sudan and the Sudanese companies participated in this edition to reflect the real image of Sudan to the guest and to the whole world.
IFK, this event is a general trade fair featuring wide range of exhibitions in the fields of industry, agriculture, machinery and equipments, information and technology, energy and mines, building materials and services.