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Monday, 29 January 2018

How Government Bridges Gap Between Prices And Wages?

Economic situation and uprising of commodities’ prices alongside instability of the dollar exchange rate become the main issues occupy ideas

, thoughts and discussions, people in work or in buses or even in their homes talk about the rapid increase of prices, what is the reason? What is going to be happen in the future? Why the government didn’t issue strong decisions to stabilize prices and to monitor markets?.
Those questions raised by the average men, while economists and government officials blame each other, the minister of Finance Al Rikabi earlier has briefed media that lifting sanctions didn’t change the fact, emphasized the improvement doesn’t come within day and night, pointed to the policies adopted to support poor people, what is going on the ground is quite different, the traders and mediators were behind the “chaos of prices” said the minister of Trade Hatim Al Sir who promised the people to end the dramatic scene of prices movement in markets.
The rate exchange of hard currencies to SDGs has been doubled, the governor of the Central Bank of Sudan CBOS Hazim Abdul-Gadir attributed the reason to the lack of production and to the economic theory of “Supply and Demand” which governs the prices of currencies as well as commodities, the volume of dollars exposed is limited while the demand is increasing, also due to the instability of economic situation expatriates transfer their remittances to the neighboring countries or use illegal methods to transfer hard currency to their relatives.
How to end the argument and when, considered as a key question, many proposals can be assumed, to decrease the number of those who occupied constitutional posts at all levels, at federation level and both states and provinces, the “austerity” measures announced by the government as an attempt to find solution but, the volume of expenditure is huge, it is one of the challenges that face all public budgets.
A group of Parliament Members urged the government to revise the cabinet members; the parliament and legislative councils in States, this move can provide billions of dollars.
The 2018 neglected employee’s wages improvement, unbelievable to release prices without any increasing to wages and salaries, the government required to form not only temporary committees to tackle the issue of “Wages” but it must establish a permanent bureau to run the economic complications that stands on the way of employees, this bureau should have to participate in setting budgets, businessmen, consumers’ protection societies, employees and government will be the pillars of the bureau to be consulted .
The president of the republic has announced a committee to study the feasibility of new wages and salaries to enable employees to overcome daily economic challenges, the idea is good, but it must be legislated to continue.