Current Date:

Monday, 29 January 2018

Economic Experts Demand for Decisive Measures to Stabilize Prices

Sudanese Prominent economic experts demand for reformation and decisive measures to monitor the markets and prices of the commodities

The expert Mohamed Al Nayer appealed the government to impose taxes on the mediators who play negative role in prices instability “they create chaos in markets” said Al Nyer who added that “huge amount of remittances” out of the banking system because rate exchange instability and the US economic sanctions.
This came while he was addressing Al Sahafa annual forum on Wednesday, he pointed that fighting against corruption is required to protect public fund and to stabilize prices.
The president of the economic sector in Khartoum State Adel Abdulaziz disclosed measures set to reduce livelihood difficulties by increasing the rate of employees’ salaries and provide transportation services to both,  students and employees, he also told that 120 locations were specified in many residential areas to provide cheap commodities’ prices.
While the chairman of Sudanese Society for Consumers’ protection Nasr Eldein Shulgami said the recent economic policies has defected the daily life of the people, he also shouldered the Ministry of Trade the responsibility of prices uprising.
“The lack of monitoring” is the main reason behind the prices increasing process.