Current Date:

Sunday, 01 April 2018

US$ 40 Million the Cost of Nyala Water Project

US$ 40 million is cost of the Nyala water project, said the Director of AL Bagara Basin Project Haron Ali

, the project is to supply South Darfur with required water amount.
While the Minister of Urban Planning and Public Utilities Taha Abdalla has briefed media that “A Bagara Basin Project” will solve the problem of water in South Darfur by providing 40,000 cubic meters to meet 40% of Nyala city requirement.
Taha stated while he was visiting the premise of project in Grida locality last week, he added that the project is due to be completed in July 2018.
The Minister told that 16 wells out of 20 were constructed; he also appreciated the improvement of security which accelerated the project to end water suffering in Nyala city, describing the project as “the project of the age”.
While the commissioner of the locality Al Suni Mohamed Imam said the project will make his locality one of the productive localities in the State.
It is to be noted that the project is implementing by Golden Style Company.