Current Date:

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Khartoum Hosts the 2nd International Conference on Breast Cancer

Khartoum - University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST) and Salah Wanasi Foundation for Cancer Research and Control  will organize the 2nd International conference on Breast Cancer in collaboration  with others including Breast Surgery International Society (BSI)-Switzerland, the Khartoum Breast Care Centre – (KBCC), Barts Health NHS Trust –UK and all of the relevant Sudanese professional societies.
The President of Higher committee of the conference, Faisal Mihaieed Almobarak in statement to Sudan Vision   revealed that   the conference will focus on bringing together experts from around the globe, who have experience and interest in Breast Cancer. The conference will be from 17th- 25th February 2018 under the theme " New Trends Innovation and Management of Breast Cancer 2011-2018.
Almobarak stated that the conference convenes at a time when breast cancer is becoming a major health problem in Sudan. The principle objective is to shed light on the most up-to-date accomplishments made in the research and management of breast cancer and new technologies in the field of early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
"The conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from government, academia and grassroots organizers to share practical solutions towards the achievement of more sustainable and inclusive polices regarding breast cancer in Sudan, the region at large", he said.
He pointed out that Conference Goals and Purpose is to bring together a multidisciplinary team of the relevant Scientists and Clinical & Nursing professionals involved in all aspects of breast cancer research and management, to provide a  platform for the  regional breast cancer scientist and researcher to present their scientific work and share their experiences and to establish sustainable joint regional and international collaborative research projects and networking to advance knowledge and developing new therapies in the field.