Current Date:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Khartoum and Washington Sign MoU on Curbing Crimes Cooperation

Khartoum – Sudanese Police Authorities represented by the General Directorates of Investigation and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation  (FBI) signed yesterday a

Memorandum of Understanding on curbing the transnational crimes, electronic crimes, and anti-drugs activities besides cooperation in training and upgrading the capabilities of police forces in both countries.
Director of General Directorate of Investigation Police, Maj. Gen. Hussein Nafie said in press statements following the signing ceremony that they have great cooperation with the FBI since long time through the exchanged meetings represented by the US Embassy in Khartoum and the US Investigation Bureau, pointing out that those meeting resulted to cooperation in transnational, organized and information crimes along with human trafficking.
He considered the signing of the MoU as a great achievement to reach an agreement between the two countries.
Interior Minister Representative, Maj. Gen. Imad Addeen Khalafallah welcomed the visit delegation, adding that the organized crime became a global concern a matter that necessitates international partnership to curb it, pointing out that the MoU represents a start point for cooperation in training.
Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Omer Mohammed Ali, the Deputy of the Police Director and Inspector General met the regional official of the FBI and his delegation.
He affirmed that the meeting discussed the efforts exerted by the Sudanese police in curbing the electronic crimes to confront all the security threats besides the challenges in curbing drugs smuggling and human trafficking , considering Sudan as a transit state for those crimes with open borders with several countries.
For his part FBI official lauded the distinguished performance of the Sudanese police in curbing the electronic crimes, affirming their support to the Sudanese police especially in training the investigation staff along with exchanging experiences in this regard.
Police Authorities Information Directorate Director, Maj. Gen. Hasim Abdul Rahim affirmed that the signature of the MoU will open for strong relations between Sudan and the US Administration in curbing all types of crimes especially terrorism.
During the ceremony the FBI officials handed their logo to their Sudanese counterparts.