Current Date:

Thursday, 03 November 2016

Democratic Unionist Original Presents Observations on Constitutional Amendments

Khartoum - The Democratic Unionist Party has said it will put forward observations on constitutional amendments presented by the Presidency of the Republic related to the form of a post dialogue government whereby the part affirmed that it is desirous in a lean government.
The Presidency of the Republic has tabled before the parliament the constitutional amendments related to the composition of the government that comprise the creation of the post of Prime Minister, adding seats to the parliament via amendment, as well as amending the title of the current government “the government of the national unity” to the title of “government of national reconciliation”.
The leading figure at the Democratic Unionist Party the Origin, the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mohamed Hashim Omer told Sudan Tribune that the party has observations over the constitutional amendments recently tabled before the parliament.
Omer affirmed that a committee from the party led by the advocate Ali Alsayed is working towards formulating the parity’s observation on constitutional amendments.
He elaborated that the details of the reviews adopted by the Unionist Party the Origin are based on the party’s programs targeting government structuring via a shrinkage that involves all its levels, starting from the federal government up to the localities.
Mohamed Hashim Omer noted that, the party doesn’t want the post National Dialogue government exhausting the public treasury
He added that “we don’t want a flabby government that cause additional financial burden on the state”.
The current federal government which was set up in July 2015 includes nearly 80 constitutional posts including 74 Ministers and State Ministers, five assistants to the President of the Republic along with the Post of the President of the Republic and his two Vice Presidents.
Omer has welcomed the return of the party’s leading figure Ali Alsayed and his engagement once again in the party, affirming that the party’s doors will remain open for all the returnees provided they are committed to the organizational frameworks.