Current Date:

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Desalegn Affirms Ethiopia's Support to National Dialogue Progress

Khartoum-Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has praised developed relations between Sudan and Ethiopia in all spheres, asserting his country's support for efforts

made to complete the progress of the national dialogue.
Desalegn commended while meeting at the Presidential palace in Addis Ababa, Vice President of the Republic of Sudan Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, who chaired the Sudan delegation participating in the meetings of the Fourth Higher Economic Committee between the two countries, and Sudan’s stand with Ethiopia in the wake of recent events his country has seen.
For his part, Hassabo briefed the Ethiopian Prime Minister on the overall political and security situation in Sudan the aftermath of the signing of the national dialogue. Hassabo presented to Ethiopian Prime Minister Sudan’s commend to the stances of Ethiopia and its support to Sudan towards achieving peace and stability, stressing the commitment of Khartoum and Addis Ababa, to implementing the outcomes and the meetings of the Joint High Economic Committee.
Hassabo has affirmed the availability of political will on the part of the leaderships of the two countries to transform the agreements into action programs to push forward the ties of relations between the two peoples, announcing Sudan's willingness to cooperate with Ethiopia to use the port of Port-Sudan to transport its exports and imports along with working on linking the two countries by roads and railways.
He said the need to double efforts to upgrade the economic relations and the removal of impediments to the enforcement of the agreements signed between the two countries.
He stressed Sudan's commitment to what was agreed on and to transform it to a reality to serve the common interests between the two sisterly countries towards pushing and strengthening economics and trade cooperation between Sudan and Ethiopia.
Hassabo was acquainted with the new station and the railroad linking Ethiopia and Djibouti at a length of 800 kilometers, whereby praised Hassabo the Ethiopian experience in this area saying it would push and promote cooperation between Ethiopia and Djibouti, and called for transferring the said experience to Sudan and linking Sudan Railways to Ethiopia.