Current Date:

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

African Development Bank Allocates $4.2 Million for Women

Khartoum- The Ministry of Welfare and social Security has marked the international anniversary of African woman in association with United Nations’  Woman Authority, the African Development Bank and the high level meeting on empowering women in Sudan  under the motto “ Every Woman is Important in the agenda of African Development and sustainable development” under the supervision of Mashair Al Dawalab , The Minister of Welfare and Social Security and under the sponsorship of Leila Mohamed Ali wife of the First Vice President of the Republic in the Friendship Hall .
Mashair Al- Dawalab has affirmed that Sudan prides itself for being part of the African system and the African continent highlighting the authenticity of the African culture which is a pillar from which the continent will march towards progress and prosperity stressing the importance of Africa as an effective component in the international community
She  further added that celebrating the African woman day affirms the unity of the African continent  and Sudan as part of Africa is well aware of the importance of the woman role in the development process  in addition to that women are a major component in the sectors of the community.
For her part Victoria Malkoma Deputy Manager of Woman Administration and Development at the African Union that the existence of a seat for Sudan in the African Union is very important for empowering the African woman  noting that the African woman has held all the posts and she is aware how to handle things  for this reason the African Union will support the   women in the African continent  to progress in Africa hailing Sudan’s support for women and empowering them economically  and socially there for Sudan will progress and prosper.
In a related development Abdalla Kamara , the resident representative of the African Development Bank has outlined that marking the African woman day affirms the importance of women specially in Sudan  noting that this celebration represents an opportunity for evaluating the role of women  and empowering them in the community  and the celebration is an opportunity for discussing women issues  particularly in the disputes regions noting that women are the most affected by disputes  stressing that the Bank has allocated 4.2 million Dollars  towards  supporting women and involving them in peace operation and empowering them economically.
Meanwhile Kbayo Grais, The manager of the national organization for women said Sudan’s celebration of the African woman day confirms Islam’s care  about  women rights  and it is a religion that respect women adding that women play a big role in liberating Africa and she was the machine that manages all the actions of liberation pointing  to the conflicts in Darfur region that cause the woman to lose her husband and sons and she was the most affected by the conflicts  stressing the commitment of the United Nations to supporting and exchange of experiences with Sudan for realizing sustainable development.