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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

70 Years Later, the Remains of Italian Soldier Carlo Acefalo (1916-1940) Return to Italy

(Press Release) - On April 18, 2018 the Italian torpedo chief Carlo Acefalo (1916-1940) began his return home

. Born in Vasco Monastery (Italy) and died on the Sudanese Island of Musa Kebir following the sinking of the Italian submarine Maccale 'during the Second World War, Acefalo had been buried on the Sudanese island until the discovery of its remains in recent months during the expedition in the African country of the Italian-Argentine director Ricardo Preve for the shooting of the documentary film about the Italian soldier "Tornando a casa".
The Italian Ambassador to Sudan, Fabrizio Lobasso, explains: "Today is a special day for Italian-Sudanese friendship. We are proud and excited. The collaboration between the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, the Red Sea State, the Sudanese Embassy in Rome and the Italian diplomatic and consular authorities in Sudan has been exemplary. We started a long way off but today with the help of local authorities we are proud to say that we did it: the soldier Acefalo begins the symbolic journey to return to his loved ones ".