Current Date:

Friday, 27 April 2018

HAC Stages Support Convoy to Red Sea State

Khartoum - The Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) has launched an aid convoy for beneficiaries in Swakin Locality, Red Sea State, organized by the joint mechanism between the Sudanese Government and the Arab League for boosting the humanitarian situation in Sudan, where the convoy was received by a number of officials of the Red Sea State.
Minister of Social Affairs of Red Sea State Dr. Fatima Mustafa Al-Khalifa, praised the support convoy, noting that it comes as part of work for combating poverty in the state, which is based on a number of strategies, including work and production strategy.
Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid in the state Nemat Abu-Gesais and Commissioner of Swakin Locality Khalid Sadan, on their part, praised the efforts of HAC and the Ministry of Social Affairs for delivery of aid to the localities.