Current Date:

Friday, 23 February 2018

HAC Supports Sudanese Refugees Returning from Ethiopia

Khartoum - The Humanitarian Aid Commission on Tuesday traveled a humanitarian aid convoy to Sudanese refugees returning from refugee camps in Ethiopia to the Gaisan and Baw Wad al-Mahi areas in different localities of the state.
Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Ahmed Adam renewed his call for judging the voice of reason and responding to the call for peace so that returning citizens enjoy security, peace and stability.
He stressed the continuation of the HAC in providing humanitarian assistance to all citizens in war-affected areas, stressing that this convoy comes within the framework of the efforts of the Commission in cooperation with the Arab League after the Blue Nile witnessed a stable stability led to the return of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.
He added that the convoy includes a number of foodstuffs and accommodation to contribute to improving the conditions of returnees to contribute to the stability of the situation. He pointed out that the convoy includes 1,000 atom cars, 500 mobile phones, 500 cartons of oil, 500 baguettes, 1,000 ground mattresses, 1000 tarpaulins and nets.
He explained that this convoy is part of the contributions of the Commission to support the stability in the state to contribute to the eradication of the effects of displacement and asylum and war in the coming period.
For his part, praised the humanitarian aid commissioner Blue Nile Abdel Moneim Alamir efforts of the Federal Humanitarian Aid Commission in support of stability in the state, pledging to deliver this convoy to eligible returnees to the areas of Gaisan and Baw Wad -al Mahi.
He stressed that the HAC in the state has prepared a large plan to absorb the issues of returnees and the review of basic services so that returnees to contribute to production, in addition to coordination with the government and organizations for the rehabilitation of services and service institutions Blue Nile.