Current Date:

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Turkish Women Platform Express Readiness to Cooperate with the Sudanese Women

Khartoum - Turkish Women Platform in collaboration with Turkish Embassy in Sudan hosted yesterday 21st February 2018, at the Turkish Yunus Emre Cultural Center in Khartoum, a group of Sudanese women and some Turkish students.
Dr. Amina Nazeer Oglo, the wife the Turkish Ambassador to Sudan spoke to Sudan Vision in a brief interview to be publish in the coming days, on the deep rooted bilateral cultural relations between Sudan and Turkey pointing to the Turkish Women Platform as a new born gathering of women as part of more than 2, 000 Turkish families in Sudan.
She called on the two leaders in Sudan and Turkey to strengthen the popular relations as the political ones. She described the visit of the Turkish President Recep Tayeb Erdogan as a successful one where the Turkish are talking about as the all mass media in Turkey and abroad.
Dr. Amina expressed her readiness to recognize and cooperate with the Sudanese women through their different unions, associations and societies. During her short residence in Sudan she believes that Sudanese women have a lot to present in Sudan and abroad.    
She explained that the program of this event included a visit of 35 kids from Al Qabas Basic Level School in Khartoum in the context to inform with the Turkish culture. She talked to kids and three of the school staff female teachers sending a message that (when you grow a kid of 7 years old, you actually grow a man or women of twenty pointing out to the important of education in school as well as teaching and learning) Dr. Amina said.
The wife of the Turkish Ambassador explained that the Turkish women platform is working hard to reach all Sudanese women sectors. She pointed to limited social programs implemented with some schools in Khartoum state as part of the social responsibility of women, beside their visits to orphans center for children   noting that the women is considered a base for love all over the world. 
Meanwhile, kids of Al Qabas expressed their pleasure and love to the Turkish people, and they conveyed their thanks to the Turkish Embassy and to Dr. Amina wife of the Turkish Ambassador for her warm welcoming and patience to answer their different questions on Islam in Turkey and the Sudanese –Turkish relations.