Current Date:

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

FVP: Gezira State Government Implemented Unprecedented Development

Khartoum - First Vice-President and National Prime Minister Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh has inaugurated a number of service and development projects in Gezira State as he also

inspected progress of work at cotton ginneries in Marinjan and the Chinese ginnery.
Saleh praised the achievements scored by the government of Gezira State under the leadership of Governor Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eila, saying that the state government implemented a total of 244 service and development projects in 2017, terming this as unprecedented accomplishment.
The First Vice President, speaking during a meeting held at the Guest House in Wad-Medani yesterday to review development projects in Gezira State, said the development process has covered all parts of the state and focused on the sector of roads which is considered as a vehicle for development.
He pointed out that the high productivity realized by cotton crop and expansion of its cultivation in Gezira Scheme this season showed recovery of the scheme and its development, lauding performance of the Sudanese cadres working in the cotton ginneries in the scheme.
Governor of Gezira State Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eila, on his part, affirmed that his government comes to fulfill desires of the citizens, reiterating that they would press ahead with implementation of many new projects within the budget of 2018 covering all localities of the state.
The First Vice-President also inaugurated during the visit a package of paved road projects in Wad-Medani town at the cost of SDG36.1 million, funded by the government of the state.