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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tunisian Tourism Minister: Sudan is a Safe Country

Khartoum - Tunisian Tourism Minister, Salma Al-Loumi said Sudan is a safe country, and that security is the key to tourism.
In Al-Neelain International Conference under the theme of the role of websites in the fight against e-terrorism and construction of the earth and supporting tourism hosted by Khartoum these days. The Tunisian Minister stressed that all kinds of tourism are available in Sudan, referring to the efforts of the Sudanese Minister of Tourism to develop tourism in Sudan in agreement with the President of the Republic, indicating that tourism is an operational sector for a number of important sectors, as It also touches many other economic sectors such as air transport, land, agriculture, food, environment.
On the cooperation in the field of tourism between Tunisia and Sudan, the minister said that since 2016, Sudan and Tunisia have agreed to activate tourism between the two countries by creating a joint program with a team of the two countries, adding that the Tunisian team will arrive in Khartoum to implement the agreement and hold private sector workshops between the two countries.
For his part, Tourism Minister Mohamed Abu Zaid Mustafa said that he presented in the Council of Ministers a matrix on addressing the problems of tourism in Sudan and all obstacles that limit the movement of tourists within Sudan, adding that it was agreed to exempt some citizens from countries to request the visa from embassy and give Directly from the airport in addition to facilitate visa in all our embassies in the world and open the door to the whole world for tourism in Sudan
On the rehabilitation of the city of Sawakin, the minister said that the Turkish Vice-President had visited Sawakin and that there is a Turkish team on the ground and they are serious in implementing the decision issued by President Al Bashir and President Erdogan that the city of Sawakin will be a tourist and archaeological city.