Current Date:

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

CBOS Governor Underlines Support of Banking Sector

Khartoum - The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) Hazim Abdul-Gadir has affirmed CBOS readiness to support the banking sector to develop the national

economy through spreading and deepening the culture of electronic money and the dealing with the electronic services and payment.
The CBOS Governor announced, during the launch of the campaign to promote electronic payment services Thursday at the bank headquarters, the outset of the national campaign to promote electronic banking, electronic payment and awareness on these services through focusing on the points of sale and payment service via mobile and as well as publishing them to citizens, pointing out that these services save bank deposits within the banking system and reduce the risk of dealing directly with cash in most payments.
Abdul-Gadir said that CBOS has been seeking to develop and support electronic payment as a strategy for change and transformation of the society from a cash society that deals with the risky real money to an e-money-based society, confessing that the private sector is an authentic partner of the banking sector in achieving this goal by contributing to the electronic application to the universities, electronic collection, customs fees, collection of Hajj fees and other services, explaining that what was done is the beginning of the e-government project, praising the role of the Ministries of Finance and Communications, which provided the necessary infrastructure for communication technologies and helped provision of electronic services.
He revealed that the central bank targeted the clients of banks and citizens outside the banking sector with a package of electronic banking services around the clock, pointing to the importance of the electronic services in the good management of funds and easy repayment of obligations, whether they are commodities or services in the least time and effort and more protection.