Current Date:

Monday, 30 April 2018

Launch of the Partial Campaign to Eliminate Neonatal Tetanus

Khartoum - The Federal Ministry of Health has announced on the completion of arrangements to launch the partial campaign to eliminate neonatal tetanus of Mothers and newborn children from Feb. 25 to March 2.
The campaign targets high-risk localities in 13 states, including the Red Sea, Kassala, Gedarif, Gezira, Blue Nile, Sinnar, White Nile, North Darfur, Southern Darfur, Eastern Darfur, Western Darfur, North Kordofan, and West Kordofan.
The Ministry's Maternal and Child health Department confirmed that the campaign targeted all women aged 15-49 years, revealing free treatment at all vaccination sites, health centres, hospitals, temporary sites in neighbourhoods and mobile teams.
Tetanus is a bacterial disease caused by Clostridium bacteria that grows in dead tissues and infects all ages, but it is dangerous and fatal in newborn infants, where the death rate is 100% in most cases.