Current Date:

Tuesday, 01 May 2018

Sultans, Chieftains of Darfur Testimonies on Abdul-Wahid as Hinderer of Peace

The considerable stability of security and social situation in Darfur has it positive impact on the voluntary return of the IDPs to their home villages to practice their normal activities in farming and grazing; but there are still those who are attempting to abort the stability to serve their personal interests in the region.

Flimsy Reasons

In this regard Chieftain of Dar Gamar affirmed that Abdulwahid remained rejecting peace because he failed to achieve any of the goals which led to the armed conflicts i.e. marginalization, Injustice and lack of development). The armed groups led by Abdul-Wahid did not manage to achieve any of those goals.
The Chieftian of Dar Gamar, Saad Abdulrahman Bahraddin said that the government tirelessly continued its calls for peace through local, regional and international forums; but Abdul-Wahid remained rejecting peace.
He added to Sudan Vision that the armed groups had lost its popularity in Darfur because the Darfurians are now convinced after the considerable stability that peace is the option that leads to free and fair elections.
He added that the government has called all the armed groups and opposition parties to agree on the national document and participate in the national dialogue, but the armed groups boycotted the process and continued igniting the conflicts within the IDPs camps.
He affirmed that Abdul-Wahid did not achieve any of his promises to Darfur people and now he is gradually losing the international community support, hence missing the technical and logistic support.
The Chieftain called on the armed groups to restore to the voice of wisdom and join the peace process to practice the rights stipulated in the constitution and law.
Bahraddin affirmed that the situation in Darfur is tremendously improving a matter that resulted to a remarkable influx of IDPs and refugees who voluntarily returned to their home villages.
He called on Darfur people to pardon their sons who joined the insurgents.

Observers see that Abdul-Wahid will continue his rejection to enter into serious negotiations with the government to continue his international mercenary under the banner of marginalization.

International Experts: The Strategy of Abdul-Wahid Resulted to Prolonging the Violence and Destruction in Darfur

International observers called on not subjecting the peace process in Sudan to the rejection of Abdulwahid rejection for the peace initiatives, considering his rejection as an obstacle to achieve peace as he rejected all the peace initiatives since Arocha Conference in 2007.
They said that Abdulwahid did not enter into Sudan territories for more than 13 years and continued directing his armed groups from his residence in Paris through satellite.
They affirmed that the Abdul-Wahid military strategy did not serve his cause; but on the contrary it prolonged the violence to destroy the region.
Meanwhile, Central Darfur State government has accused Abdul-Wahid of attempting to hinder the IDPs voluntary return and stability efforts exerted by the government.
North Jebel Marra Locality Commissioner affirmed that the government is controlling the situation in the locality after the looting attempt of Abdul-Wahid gangs.