Current Date:

Monday, 26 February 2018

Sudan Calls on the International Community to Fulfill Its Pledges towards the CPA

Khartoum – (Khalda Elyas) Sudan has announced its endorsement of the rule of law upgrading programme in relation to the developmental assistance programme between the Sudanese government and the UNDP framework, pointing out that is intergrades with the SDGs.
International Cooperation Minister called on the UN and other international organizations working in Sudan to consider that when setting its executive plans and to put it as an aspired goal.
He called on, while addressing the rule of law and human rights in Darfur forum, the donors to inspect the situation stressing that Sudan did not receive the required support, affirming that the wars had affected negatively the stability of Sudan, besides the existence of 3 million migrants and thousands IDPs in Darfur, adding that despite this big burden the international support is not sufficient in this regard.
He hinted that despite the welcoming of the UNAMID exit, yet this should be supported by development to build peace through allocating budgets for peacekeeping to serve the development projects in the conflicted areas in Darfur and South Kordofan, pointing out that despite the considerable stability, those areas are still in need for development.
He called on the international community to fulfill its pledges towards the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), pointing out that the Sudanese government has presented the development projects to boost the rule of law following the signature of the CPA.