Current Date:

Monday, 26 February 2018

7th Sudanese Ambassadors Conference to Convene in Khartoum

Khartoum – Ambassador Abdul Ghani Al-Naiem, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, head of the higher committee of Sudanese Ambassadors 7th conference, declared on Thursday 22nd February 2018 in a press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign affairs the completion of the arrangements for the 7th conference of the Sudanese Ambassadors abroad to kick tomorrow at the Sudanese Club in Khartoum with the participation of the Sudanese accredit all over the world.
Ambassador al Naiem explained that the conference will organize under the theme Economic Diplomacy for enhancing peace and development. He pointed to the importance of development as a key for all economic issues in Sudan, particularly in the war affected areas. The Ambassador noted to the noticeable stability in Darfur through resuscitation, rehabilitation and development, pointed to the role of diplomacy with the world community in development. In regard to development attracting foreign investments is one of the factors of development beside the volume of trade exchange as one of the solutions. He reviewed Sudan great potentials and resources of oil, minerals and agriculture, water and fertile lands, which make Sudan a giant economic not only in the region, but also in the whole world.
He appreciated the organizing of the 30th regional conference of FAO from 19th-23rd February 201 in Khartoum simultaneously with the Diplomacy 7th conference which considers as indication of the response of the world community with Sudan.  He pointed to the initiative of the President of the republic for the Arab food security.
The Ambassador explained that the conference will discuss topics related to the diplomatic missions, their relation with ministry of foreign affairs, facilitating business, beside   and the Sudanese communities abroad; besides attracting foreign investments, improving relations with the neighboring countries. In addition to create more partnerships as those RUSSIA and Turkey,
He expressed the readiness of Sudan to continue the second stage of Sudan- US dialogue. He described that Sudan is on the best situation to discuss such important topics particularly after the lifting of US sanctions in last October 2017.  
It worth mentioning that Sudanese Ambassadors abroad conferences had started early in 1970s and continued regularly since 1990s, taking different themes and topics.  The 6th conference was held in 2016 in Khartoum. The conference higher committee of this conference was formed with a decision from the minister of foreign affairs; in addition to sub committees for the different aspects of the conference.