Current Date:

Sunday, 29 April 2018

National Legislature Approves Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Reply to Statement of President

Khartoum - The National Legislature heard in its session yesterday, which was chaired by Speaker Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, the report of the ad hoc committee on reply to the statement made by the President of the Republic on the general performance of the state in 2017.
The National Legislature approved the report of the ad hoc committee, which was presented by Deputy Speaker of the National Legislature Dr. Omer Suliman Adam.
The report explained that the address of the President of the Republic covered five axes including the National Document, the constitution, peace, economy and foreign relations.
The committee underscored commitment of the Presidency to the implementation of the National Document in enhancing the outcome of the National Dialogue being a pledge that has received the consensus of the Sudanese people.