Current Date:

Tuesday, 01 May 2018

Parliamentary Energy Committee to Hear Report by Petroleum Minister on Situation of Oil Supply

Khartoum- (SMC) The Parliamentary Energy and Mining Committee has invited the Minister of Petroleum for a meeting at the National Assembly to discuss the statement of his ministry on the situation of oil supply, which was referred by the parliament to the committee last week for study.
The chairman of the committee, Al-Sammani Al-Wasila, said in a statement to SMC that the invitation comes for discussing the minister’s statement on oil supply, which had been referred to the committee, explaining that the committee is required to present a reply to the Assembly on the statement which had been referred to it.
He indicated that the Assembly had had some reservations and queries on some issues, explaining that the committee would hear detailed report by the minister before presenting its reply to the parliament.
Al-Wasila added that the committee would get acquainted through the meeting on the situations of maintenance of Khartoum Refinery and oil supply.