Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Result of Basic Education Certificate Exam in Khartoum Announced with 87% Pass Rate

Khartoum- The Minister of Education of Khartoum State, Dr. Farah Mustafa, announced at a press conference at the premises of the ministry yesterday results of the basic

education certificate examinations for the school-year 2017/2018, with pass rate of 87%, compared to 85.5% last year.
Student Abrar Atif Ahmed Taha of Al-Shaheed Ala-Eddin Private School for Girls, Eastern Nile Locality, won the top place in the exam, scoring 279 marks.
The minister said the number of students who sat for the exam stood at 156,822, compared to 150,000 in the previous year.
Dr. Farah Mustafa, addressing the press conference, said the school year has witnessed full academic stability a matter that helped in realizing this result, lauding the efforts exerted by the teachers at all stages of the school year besides that of the educational councils.
He pointed out that 44 students scored the top place in the exam, with 279 marks, while the second place was held by 106 students, 278 marks, saying this show strong competition among the students.
The Minister disclosed that the students with disabilities have received for the first time an examination from the national curricula thanks to efforts by the special education department, the national authority for curricula development and the general administration for assessment and evaluation at the patronage of the Presidency, Ministry of Social Security and Development, UNESCO and the Association of Persons with Disabilities.
The centers of students with disabilities scored 100% pass rate