Current Date:

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Discovery of 79 Archaeological Graves of Meroe Civilization in Hajar Al-Asal in River Nile

Khartoum – (Mona Mustafa) Antiquities and archaeological Department in Al-Nilain University announced the discovery of 79 graves dated to the Merowatic era at Wadi An Gaidoom, Hajar Al-Asal in River Nile State.
The head of the archaeological team, Dr. Ahmed Hamid stated to Sudan Vision that the grave were found in good condition, adding that the corpses are  in full dress surrounded by pots, adding that the university started its mission since 2013, affirming that the discovered sites will support the tourism sector.
Merowe is considered one of the most important historical towns in Africa as it was established in a residential area, which had been the place of residence of the Merowatic kings since the sixth century B.C., according to the historians.
The Sudan is endowed with many antiquities and archaeological artifacts that are distributed at the various towns and regions of the country, reflecting the deep routed Sudanese civilization and culture and the ability of the Sudanese people for innovations and development.
Sudan has a vast heritage of antiquities, which gains their value if they are compared with the era and similar and neighboring areas.