Current Date:

Monday, 09 October 2017

Dispute between W. Darfur State and Chadian Wadi Faira Region over Goz Daga Area Settled in Favor of Sudan

Kulbos - (smc) West Darfur State has disclosed that the dispute between it and the Chadian Wadi Faira State on Goz Daga area has been settled after the later is convinced that the area belongs to West Darfur after it had seen the documents that prove this.
Deputy Governor of West Darfur State Mohamed Ibrahim Sharaf-Eddin  said in statement to smc that the state is awaiting for the higher committee on the demarcation of the borders to put the marks for the area, which has become officially belonging to Kulbos Locality of the state.
He pointed out that the Chadian authorities have directed their citizens on the borders to be committed to the agreed upon borders and to abide by state regulations and laws when crossing this area.
Sharaf-Eddin affirmed that the border areas witness tribal intermingling and contacts between the citizens of the two countries.