Current Date:

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Positive Development in Sudan and USA Relations

Khartoum - Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, Minister of Information addressed the workshop the on reality of the Sudanese –USA relations and prospects of its development. He

pointed to noticeable developments in the relations between the two countries and he called on the participants to visit Darfur and to reflect what they have seen actually on reality to the world. The workshop was  organized yesterday at Martyr Al-Zubair Mohamed Salih Conference Center . 
Several working papers were presented Ambassador Dr. Khidir Haroun presented a paper on Sudan –USA relations highlighted the history of the relations between the two countries. Khidir explained the long deep rooted history of the relations   and its developments pointed out the American sanctions have partially lifted on education, agriculture, medicine and technology still imposed on Sudan. 
The paper tackled that American fulfilled promises for normalizing relationship and lifting of economic sanctions could serve as incentive s to both the government and its opponents to move forward and reconcile their difference to make the outcome of the National Dialogue a genuine step for forming inclusive government that leads the country.
Other working papers tackled the Sudanese USA relations from American point of view. The impact of US sanctions on people (the case of Sudan). US sanctions as policy and strategy
It is worth mentioning that the workshop was organized in collaboration with the national center for media production and the international relations center. Several academics, experts on international relations, journalists are participated.