Current Date:

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Peacekeeping and Conflict Management: Workshop in Khartoum from Sant’anna School of Advanced Studies - PISA

Khartoum (Press Release) – At the presence of the Director of the Peace Research Institute from University of Khartoum, the Ambassador of Italy in Sudan and the

coordinator for international activities from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa (SSSUP), the first workshop in Sudan on “Training Program for Conflict Management” has just ended.
“It has been the first experience ever in Khartoum, an initiative never organized before, which became reality thanks to the twenty years of professionalism in peace-keeping issues of the SSSUP as well as to the joint effort of the University of Khartoum and the Embassy of Italy. The event has been possible also thanks to the generosity of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Global Affairs”, as underlined by the Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso.
The five-day workshop aimed to give to participants essential information on peace management on a international level.
During the days of training, the about 40 Sudanese participants, most of them coming from media and communication sector as well as operators from international organizations, received an in-depth training on concepts of peace and mechanisms of peace-keeping and peace-building on a regional and international level. Each day was then characterized by the presence of worldwide experts in this field, such as Professor Andrea De Guttry from SSSUP, in order to offer to participants a global vision of the activities of the United Nations, the Africa Union and of all the bodies involved in peace-keeping and peace-building operations.
Apart from the theoretical part, the workshop offered to the participants the occasion to put into practice the first tools of concrete media promotion on an international level as far as peace management is concerned. For this reason, during the next three months all the participants will have to implement a real project showing the importance of media, especially of the new media, both in the international negotiations and in the peace management.