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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Erdogan: Westerners Have Partitioned Sudan, Denied Solution for S. Sudan

Khartoum - Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Erdogan has demanded representing the African continent at the international Security Council. 
He said in a speech he delivered during the Conference of Sciences and Technology in Ankara “I always demand representing continents and religions in the International Security Council where there isn’t permanent representation for the African state and continent in the International Security Council.”
Erdogan cited as example portioning Sudan and an absence of solution to South Sudan, raising questions “why there isn’t a solution to the crisis in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan,” noting that the only solution is justice because justice is the base of governance.
The Turkish President said if there is a lack of justice, state will and construction will be absent and the international system cannot go ahead in this manner.
He called for reforming the United Nations and changing the framework of the Security Council saying that we have three European countries, an Asian country and an American country represented in the International Security Council.