Current Date:

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Communications Ministry: SIM Cards Registration Reached 94 Percent

Khartoum - The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has announced that the average percentage of registered chips has reached 94% for different communication companies in the context of the project that kicked-off in April 2014.
Dr Yahia Abdalla Mohamed the General Manager of the National Communications Authority said in a report he presented before the council of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology at the Communication Tower headed by Minister Dr. Tahani Abdallah Attiya,  has noted that the percentage of the registered chips according to the data of the national number have exceeded 25%  whereby Dr. Tahani has directed in this regards the preparation of a vision and an executive program by the Authority and the companies for completing the link of the chips to the national number.
Dr Yahia has noted that the Authority, in implementation of previous directives, is to agree with telecommunications companies operating in the country on laying down a clear vision through which the companies will be able to register the chips of subscribers by the end of the current year in implementation of the decisions of the President of the Republic to the effect of linking the delivery of all the subscribers services with the national number.