Current Date:

Monday, 02 April 2018

ONB Inaugurates Micro-financing Projects for the Armed Forces

Khartoum - The Director of the Public Administration of strategic utilities at the Armed Forces Brigadier, Abdulrahman Hassan Sid Ahmed has praised the huge role played by Omdurman National Bank in serving the Armed Forces. He outlined the importance of the investment service work presented by the bank to the officers and aligned officers and the soldiers of the Armed Forces in all fields.
He highlighted the positive effect realized by the bank activity with regards to implementing micro-financing projects and the productive families to provide addition income sources for them.
He said in a speech he delivered at the sidelines of the Omdurman National Bank Mogran Branch celebrations of inaugurating the first batch of micro-financing projects to the individuals of the administration of strategic facilities at the armed forces. The administration will continue to back the bank for implementing this big project in its different stages towards realizing the aspired for targets highlighting the directives of the paramount leader of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense and the Joint Staff Chieftain to the commanders of the military units for implementing and making this project a success,.