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Sunday, 06 May 2018

NMAC: Kassala Areas Free of Landmines by April 4

Khartoum - (Al-Ahdath News - UN Mine Action) The United Nations praised the efforts of the Sudanese government in cleaning up of Kassala registered areas of landmines,

while the National Mine Action Center announced the celebration of the announcement of Kassala registered areas free of mines on April 4.
Director General of the National Center for Mine Action, Brigadier Amer Abdul Sadiq said that the branch of the center will remain open for the next two years after the announcement that the said areas are free of landmines to deal with any reports on areas not previously known, in accordance with international standards in such cases, praising the cooperation of the state government and its communities in support of the control program
Director of the United Nations Mine Action Service said that the declaration of the Kassala free of landmines is a positive addition to the progress made by Sudan in the mine file, calling on Red Sea and Gedarif that were also free of landmines, to participate in the celebration, saying that the role of the UN will provide consultations and mobilization of support.