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Sunday, 20 May 2018

No Evidence to Place Sudan in Countries Sponsoring Terrorism List: Study

Khartoum - Vice President of the Sudan Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, received last week the visiting expert at Africa Research Center, Professor David Hoile.

Professor Hoile said the meeting discussed political and economic situation in the Sudan and the Sudanese European dialogue as well as the role of the government and civil society organizations in the peace building process in Darfur.
He added that he discussed with Vice President Hassabo the revoking of the economic sanctions as well as the efforts underway to lift the name of the Sudan from the list of countries accused of sponsoring international terrorism.
Dr. Hoile said he does not see any logical reasons why the name of Sudan remains within that list.
Beladi FM (96.6) radio broadcasting station seized the opportunity of Dr. David Hoile visit and conducted a special programme to shed light on Sudan related issued especially the issue of the delay in removing Sudan from the Countries Sponsoring Terrorism List considering that he had already prepared a detailed study titled (Clinton Fatal Lies on Sudan Terrorism List).
Dr. Hoile affirmed in his study in its 600 pages and 2004 footnotes on placing Sudan in the terrorism list that there is no single piece of evidence against Sudan and all what are there are mere allegations.
He added that all the US officials who visited Sudan admitted that Sudan is not involved in terrorism. But instead the Sudanese government is cooperating in anti-terrorism activities regionally and internationally.
He said that the pressure groups in the US are the main reason for delaying the decision of lifting Sudan from the Countries Sponsoring Terrorism.
Dr. Abdul Malik Al-Naiem who interviewed Dr. Hoile managed in the one-hour special programme of Beladi FM (96.6) to get as much information on the issue of Sudan-US relations along with history of Sudan listing  in the Countries Sponsoring Terrorism which prove that the decision was built on mere allegations without single evidence a matter that abuses the U.S.A. legal system.
Dr David Hoile is an academic and researcher specializing in international affairs and Africa. Dr Hoile is the Director of the Africa Research Centre. He is a member of several international studies associations. His professional and academic interests include United States and European Union foreign policy, information warfare, strategic communications and civil society and advocacy groups. He has a particular interest in the new trend towards “law fare”, the abuse of international law and legal institutions for political ends.
Full text of the interview will be published in our upcoming issues.