Current Date:

Friday, 06 April 2018

NLJP Official Denounces Listing Sudan among States that Do not Fight Human Trafficking

Khartoum - (SUNA) The Head of Parliament's Committee of Roads, Lands and Bridges and leading figure at National Liberation and Justice Party (NLJP), Mohamed Ahmed Al-Shayeb said that the decision of listing Sudan among states that do not exert sufficient efforts to curb human trafficking was unjust and improper.
Al-Shayeb explained that the sanctions being imposed on Sudan have affected its financial position.
He demanded in a statement to SUNA the US administration to reverse its decision which, he added, used by American as pretext to retain sanctions against Sudan.
Al-Shayeb affirmed that the accusation underlines trend of US administration not to fulfill its commitment of permanent revocation of sanctions from Sudan and Sudan, under these partial sanctions, could not be able to confront such phenomena.
He said Sudan has priorities regarding people livelihood, stability, achievement t of peace, fighting the armed movements and criminal gangs that trade in human and that huge resources were required for curbing the phenomenon , adding that Sudan is in need of cooperation of international community and concerned bodies to eradicate the human trafficking .
The NLJP leading figure pointed out that the issue of human trafficking was one of issues that concerned the public opinion in Africa and other countries, especially the European countries.