Current Date:

Saturday, 07 April 2018

U.A.E Embassy Hounors Sudanese Athletes

KHARTOUM - (Amjad Mustafa Amin  - Sudanow) Embassy of the United Arab Emirates has honored Sudanese athletes marveling in the recent Abu Dhabi Special Olympics for persons with special needs in a ceremony organized  at the ambassador home here.
The athletes had clinched 30 medals in the contest, organized on a regional basis with 33 participating countries, during March 17-23.
In an address during the event, Presidential Assistant Abdelrahman al-Sadig al-Mahdi has extolled “the noteworthy progress in the relations between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.”
“This ceremony is a true reflection of the profound relations that bind Sudan with the United Arab Emirates in all domains ,” he said.
Major General Mahdi has congratulated members of the Sudanese team for their achievement.
The athletes had won one gold medal, 21 silver medals and 8 bronze medals.
U.A.E Ambassador to Sudan Hamad Mohamed al-Junaibi expressed hope that  the achievements of the Sudanese team in these Olympics would encourage them for more successes in the future.
He said the Sudanese team had left a good impression during the contests.
Dr. Yasir Mohamed Musa, Director of the Sudanese Special Olympics, considered this participation in the Abu Dhabi Olympics a good preparation for the upcoming special International - Arab Olympics in 2019 in Abu Dhabi also, in which Sudan will participate with a hundred athletes.
“We are quite satisfied by the excellent performance of our team members who managed to reflect the bright face of Sudan and who were appreciated by all the Olympics participants,” he said.
The occasion was also attended by Khartoum State Sports Minister Al-Yasa’a al-Siddig, ambassador Karrar al-Tuhami as well as a number of Arab ambassadors accredited to Sudan.