Current Date:

Friday, 06 April 2018

Economic Summit of the Horn of Africa to Convene in Khartoum

Khartoum- Preparations and arrangements are completed to host the first economic summit of the Horn of Africa countries scheduled 12th April 2018 as a Sudanese Initiation. The summit will hold the experts meeting on 9th-10th, while the ministries of foreign affairs will be on 11th followed by the summit on 12th.
Mohamed Abdallah, state minister at the ministry of Foreign stated to the press that, economic gathering includes Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti and Somalia, aims to realize integration and economic partnerships between these countries in the fields of investment, trade and exchanging of information and experiences.
President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir conveyed messages to his counterparts of the horn of Africa countries to participate in the coming summit. This summit will organize as an initiative from Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour, Minister of Foreign Affairs last year to establish an economic gathering of the Horn of Africa states include Sudan , Ethiopia , Eritrea , Djibouti and Somalia .
The strategic importance of the Horn of Africa area represents in its distinctive geographical situation, in addition its location near to the Arab Peninsula, North Africa and many of the Middle East states. Regard to the economic importance of Horn of Africa in realizing food security, water security for the middle East States, beside that it is an important across for trade for the whole world. The natural resources and potentials, and the high population density enable the area to become strong economic power. 
Most of the Horn of Africa member states are members in regional organizations such as the African Union AU, the Arab League, some of them are members in COMESA, and all these will play a role in the success of establishing this economic gathering of the Horn of Africa.
The establishing of this gathering requires strong political will, beside completion of the infrastructure. This economic integration in the Horn of Africa will realize political stability, and security stability for Africa and the Middle East.