Current Date:

Friday, 06 April 2018

3rd Annual SIMFE, Purposeful and Promising Gathering

(SIMFE) concluded its 3-day sessions where several working papers and presentations had presented in the period from 26th- 28th March 2018 at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum. 
More than 125 international mining companies, 95 foreign companies and 30 local ones representing 20 countries from all over the world, Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and Australia, on top of these countries, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.
Geologists, and mining experts, General Directors companies, C.E.O, Presidents of giant international companies are participated in presenting 45 working papers, lectures, presentations tackling the most recent developments in the field of mining in the world from Canada, Turkey beside the attractive informative presentations reflecting the specialized, and long experience in mining.
Ministry of Minerals, the organizer with the international company of VALIANT, besides other strategic partners and sponsors all played distinctive role in the SIMFE. The well-organized SIMFE this year after the lifting of US sanctions last October 2017, send messages to those who participated for the first time that Sudan is safe and secured.
Dr. Faisal Ahmed Ibrahim, Presidential Assistant, pointed to the contribution of the mining sector that more than 6% in the GDP noting that it witnessed great development to become one of the most affected sectors on the economy.
Professor Hashim Ali Salim, minister of mineral shed light on Sudan mineral potentials, and the mining activity with its two type the modern and traditional mining, pointed to that there are more than 40 minerals explored in Sudan, explaining that only 13 are used agricultural industrial and precious mineral including Gold, Diamond, Platine, beside Uranium noted to its exploration will be later after arrangements with security bodies.  He said the SIMFE is an opportunity to these international companies to discover investment in the field of mining, added that Sudan will benefit from the experiences in this huge gathering of the international experts. He called on investors to take seriousness to invest in mining sectors.
Many companies had signed agreements with the ministry of Mineral as the government side, and the representative of these companies.
 Geological Research Authority Sudan (GRAS), the technical branch of the Ministry of Minerals signed two agreements with Spanish and Turkish companies working in the field of mining. Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima , General Director of GRAS signed on behalf of the ministry of mining ,the government side. Abu Fatima described the SIMFE as successful pointed to the great participation of the International mining companies and experts , noted to that the organizers of the SIMFE is looking to make permanent forum and exhibition to hold in Sudan annually .    
Meanwhile, Saudi companies signed expressed desire   to invest in mining services by providing equipments, machineries, and chemical materials for explosions in mining and for peaceful purposes, through partnerships with the ministry of minerals.
Osheik Mohamed Ahmed Tahir, state minister of Minerals described investment in the field of mining as important, witnessing great development, and influx of foreign investment and investors, he noted Sudan to such sorts of investments in the mining sector. 
 Geologists and mining experts expressed their pleasure and amazing with Sudan great, rich, variable and valuable mineral potentials.
American and European companies had also expressed their readiness to invest in mining sector in Sudan and to invest Mercury treatment in exploring and filtering Gold.