Current Date:

Monday, 09 April 2018

Imminent Visit of British Council of Lords Delegation to Sudan

A delegation from the British Council of Lords will visit Sudan on 9th April 2018. The delegation is expected to hold meetings with Sudanese top officials, civil society organizations concerned on the religious freedoms.
The delegate of 5-7 members will hold meeting with the Parliament, security officials to discuss terrorism issue; in addition to that the delegate will visit human rights commission. They will also visit Christian leaders to discuss religious freedoms, before their visit to Kadugli in South Kordofan. This is considered the third visit of the British Lords Council to Sudan, during the last few years.
Since the lifting of US sanctions last October 2017, Western delegates of top officials, and international organizations from US and European countries visited Sudan held meetings with Sudanese top officials, the Parliament.
Three months following the lifting sanctions witnessed a visit a huge number of American businessmen and investors to discover and explore investment opportunities in Sudan. All these visits and the expected ones from the world show that Sudan has strategic importance in the Afro-Arab region and the whole world.
Stability, peace, security and safety are the most important requires to Sudan to receive such distinctive delegates. Sudan exerted great efforts in combatting terrorism as international issue, illegal migration, borders, refugees, smuggling, and human trafficking.
Positive reports are issued from international concerned organizations saying that Sudan is exerted positive efforts in combatting terrorism. Sudan is still in the list of states sponsoring terrorism, despites all these efforts. These delegates who visited are considered the eyewitness for the real stability, safe and secured situations in Sudan. Most of them described Sudan as a safest place in the world.
Sudan hosted last week the SIMFE Sudan international mining forum and business Exhibition SIMFE in the period from 26th- 28th March 2018, with a participation of international mining companies, geologists and experts. Most of the participants expressed great pleasure and amazing with the security, safe and stability in Sudan. They committed to invite others to come, saying that the situation is extremely stabled and attractive to visit Sudan, particularly after the lifting of the US sanctions last October 2017, pointing to the Potentials of Sudan in different fields.
The expected visit of the delegate of the British House of Lords which was declared last March, will push forward and develop Sudan bilateral and external relations.