Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Voluntary Return Commission to Conduct Survey of Returnees to Identify Urgent Needs

Khartoum - Commission of Voluntary Return and Reconstruction in Darfur states announced the start of a comprehensive survey of voluntary return areas in the five states of Darfur fromThursday 5 to 20 of April to identify basic needs and provide urgent needs to the villages of return in accordance with the decision to provide services in those villages.
Commissioner for Voluntary Return and Reconstruction in the Darfur States, Taj Eddeen Ibrahim Al-Tahir said that there is a great return from the camps to the areas of return and that the commission has been receiving daily reports from the five states on a daily return from the camps to their original areas.
He told Sudan Vision that the weapons collection has contributed significantly  in this return, indicating to coordination between the commission and the states of Darfur on the voluntary return , adding that the start of returning Sudanese refugees from Chad will be at the beginning of this month and that the commission has completed its arrangements for the reception of Sudanese refugees returning from Chad, saying that the implementation of model villages service projects, second stage, in Darfur states, implemented by the State of Qatar by two villages in each statein support the voluntary return of IDPs, refugees, reconstruction and development in Darfur, will strengthen basic services in the areas of health, education, water and security for returnees and is considered the guarantor of voluntary return