Current Date:

Saturday, 07 April 2018

Voluntary Return Commissioner in Darfur States Confirms Government Support for Returnees

Khartoum - Commissioner for the Voluntary Return of the Darfur States, Taj Al-Din Al-Tahir revealed the convening of a meeting comprising the Humanitarian Aid Commission, Refugee Authority, United Nations agencies, regional, international and national organizations to provide basic services for returnees in the voluntary return areas in Gineina.
During his visit to the villages of voluntary return, Al-Tahir stressed that the Presidency of the Republic has been continuously following the voluntary returns processes and is working to create an environment conducive to the security and stability of the returnees, and those who will return later. He pointed out that the returnees praised the approach of the field work followed by commission to meet the needs and requirements of the returnees, pledging to provide basic services for returnees.