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Monday, 09 April 2018

Mumtaz: We Will Be Sponsors of Culture in States

Kosti - (SUNA) Minister of Federal Government Chamber and representative of President of the Republic, Hamid Mumtaz has praised the White Nile State people support to the political leadership, stressing that the Ministry of Federal Government Chamber would be sponsor of culture in the States.
This came while the Minister was addressing the National Cultural Night Thursday evening held in the honor of inauguration of Kosti National Theatre by President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir.
The event was attended by Governor of White Nile State, Dr Aadul Hamid Musa Kasha, Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassan Bedawi, Minister of Human Resources Development, Dr Al-Sadiq Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi, State Minister at Ministry of Communications, Engineer Al-Sadiq Fadlallah, Speaker of the White Nile State's Assembly, Ismail Nawai, delegation from Afro-Arab Digital Media Union and a number of executive and legislative officials.
Mumtaz said the country has entered a new era of cultural development basing on Arab and African heritages.
He said Sudan has long suffered from wars and conflicts and launching of Kosti Theatre was beginning of singing for peace , stability and production.
The State Minister stated that the projects inaugurated by the President of the Republic stand as evidence of resolve and strong will of people of White Nile State and that the White Nile State is the leading state in areas of culture and knowledge.
On his part, the Governor of White State, Dr Kasha, pledged continuation of development of provision of services and that projects being inaugurated was implemented through collective work and with participation of all state institutions and the community sectors.
Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassab Badawi said culture would remain message of unity stability and production and promised completion cultural projects in the White Nile State, referring to numerous cultural projects launched by President of the Republic during his visit to the State.
Minister of Culture, Informational and Tourism of White Nile State, Hamid Omer said inauguration of Kosti National Theatre would substance to role of cultural sector, saying culture and art are factors that boost national unity.
He said the Kosti National Theatre was set up at cost of SDG 25M with capacity of five thousands onlookers and consists of electronic library, administrative offices, changing room , a mosque , parking and garden.