Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sudan and Morocco Sign Judicial Programme of Action

Marrakesh - (SUNA) The Minister of Justice, Dr. Idris Ibrahim Jameel the importance of the independence of the judiciary in the exercise of justice for litigants and the State, stressing the need to frame justice and empowerment.
The minister addressing the International Conference on Justice which was held in the Moroccan capital of Marrakech on April 2-4 that the framing of justice and its empowerment is to ensure the independence of the decision of the judicial body in making the decision, indicating that justice strengthens the law .
He stressed the importance of decision-making impartiality and full transparency stems of the independence of the judiciary.
Dr. Jameel has commended the modern trends of justice and the coordinated judiciary systems in Morocco, indicating to the judiciary steps taken in Sudan, top of which, the separation of the Prosecution from the Ministry of Justice.
He has underlined the existing judiciary cooperation between Sudan and Morocco, referring to the brilliant organization of the judiciary gathering which was attended by 80 state, 04 minister and 160 participants.